T.J. and Maisha

I recently had the privilege of shooting a really wonderful couple in Miami Lakes, at Don Shula’s Hotel and Golf Club, this last weekend. They booked with me about a week before the big day because apparently the Photographer that was supposed to be shooting the wedding was unable to keep that commitment.

I was thrilled to get the call, because I am always happy to be there for a Bride in need, especially when the need is great. The Wedding was outside, and it was a little warm in the Miami, summer sun, but the ceremony was really beautiful, as well as stylish, and everything went perfectly according to schedule, which is quite uncommon, for this type of event. This was truly a wonderful day, and I have never seen a couple more happy to be committed to one another. I wish you all the best, and hope that there will be many wonderful memories that you will make together.


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