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Montana Wedding Photographer: Styled Shoot

Gearing up for the rapidly approaching  spring and summer weddings. Editing summer styled shoots is a great way to pass the time and daydream. I am so blessed to live in Montana, and  the amazing beauty that this place has to offer. Glacier National Park is really
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Montana Wedding Photography: Heather and Scott

This wedding was shot last year, but it is so beautiful that I thought I better Blog it.  There was so much smoke in the air, due to the dry conditions, and there were fires burning wild, just to the west of Whitefish.  The smoke
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Montana Wedding Photographer: Family Photography.

Summer is calling, and we have officially answered, with an amazing family day at the lake.  Bigfork, Montana is such an amazing, beautiful place to live, and it doesn’t take much, to get us out, and into the wilderness.  We will be spending so much
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Jason and Jenny: Montana Wedding Photographer.

It is hard to believe that it snowed at the end of the day, during this shoot.  Jason, and Jenny were serious troopers, and were up for the wind, the weather, and the drizzle, as well as a helping of snow to wrap things up.
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South Beach Engagement

Heewon, contacted before he made his trip to Miami, and I am really glad that he did. This was such a fun time shooting this couple, in the beautiful South Beach, area of Miami. I wish you two the best, and it was such a
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Engagement Shoot Carolina and Alex

I was so glad to get a call from Carolina a few months back to discuss their wedding as well as engagement Photography. She had an amazing location picked out in Miami for the engagement shoot, and the wedding venue was amazing, so the rest