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Life in Bigfork Montana

Life in Bigfork Montana
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Sahar & Asif: Miami Wedding Photography

I am so lucky to have had this opportunity to meet such amazing and gracious people. The Venue was so magical, the couple were so beautiful, and the friends, family and food were unreal. There is not much more you could ask for as a
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Miami Wedding Photography

I remember being very sick when I shot this wedding, which I guess is not the best memory to have to accompany such an occasion. The wedding was beautiful, the Bride and Groom, were equally gracious, and the day was a tremendous success. I guess
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Chantelle & Brandon

Wow!!! I am just getting around to blogging this wedding that I shot almost 2 years ago, here in Miami. I remember the details of the day, and everything was perfect. Ice carvings, and caviar, are always nice touches. The beautiful couple were so kind
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South Beach Engagement

Heewon, contacted before he made his trip to Miami, and I am really glad that he did. This was such a fun time shooting this couple, in the beautiful South Beach, area of Miami. I wish you two the best, and it was such a
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Ryan and Lisa

I shot this wedding almost 2 years ago and am finally getting around to posting it. Like all things, there are times you find that you really procrastinate, and posting this wedding was just one of those things. I remember details very clearly, because the
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Chris and Sasha

Sasha and Chris were recently Married, and it was such a joyous day. I first met these two, several months ago, when I shot their engagement at the Historical, Miami Train Museum. It was such a pleasure to shoot their engagement that I knew the
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Published Honeymoon Shoot

I am excited to be published in This months “Borrowed and Blue” Featured Items. This was such a fun, as well as romantic, Beach Honeymoon shoot, that was so fun to document with the added element of horses on the beach. I love animals, and
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Beach Honeymoon

Valerie, and Bastien, are Honeymooning in Miami, after their beautiful wedding in Paris. I did not attend the wedding, but I can assume that it was beautiful, simply because they are loaded with style, and class. Bastien contacted me and mentioned that he would like